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Crawl Space Repair


If your home has a crawl space, when is the last time you went down there to take a look around? If you’re like most homeowners, it’s probably been a while. While crawl spaces are largely low-maintenance, they are subject to many of the same issues as basements. Moisture, pests and rodents, cracking, and wall collapse are all common problems we see with crawl spaces. At AccuLevel of Lafayette, we love helping local homeowners with their crawl space repair and maintenance needs.

Commercial Crawl Space Repair
Commercial building owners across the region trust AccuLevel to help maintain and repair their crawl spaces. Many commercial buildings have crawl spaces, which provide utilities access, additional storage, and promote air flow. While it may be tempting to skip the crawl space when performing annual building maintenance, you risk overlooking potentially serious issues. Indiana weather means crawl spaces are prone to leaks and flooding, rodent infestation, and other issues. Luckily, AccuLevel is here to help commercial building owners with annual crawl space maintenance, water and pest mitigation, and crawl space wall repair services.

Home Crawl Space Repair
If your home has a crawl space-style foundation, count yourself lucky - you get all the convenience of storage space and utilities access without the hassle of maintaining an entire extra level of living space. While crawl spaces are known for being a low-maintenance foundation style, it’s still important to take a look around down there every once in a while. If you notice leaks, pooling water, rodent or pest infestation, cracked or buckling crawl space walls, or other issues, call AccuLevel today. We have lots of experience fixing every crawl space issue imaginable and love helping homeowners keep their crawl spaces spick and span!

Rodent Elimination
While you may not want to live in your home’s crawl space, it provides the perfect winter refuge for insects, rodents, and birds. If they can find a way in, they will make themselves at home and can eventually cause serious damage to your home. At the first sign of an infestation, call AccuLevel. We help local homeowners with every step of the pest, rodent, or bird mitigation process - from removing the critters to sealing up the cracks or holes they treated as a front door.

Water Damage
Water damage is another hazard to be mindful of if your home has a crawl space. Cracks, holes and gaps can allow water to leak into the space, while heavy rainfall or snow melt can lead to flooding. Mold and mildew love a damp, dark area and a crawl space with a moisture issue is an ideal environment. At the first sign of moisture in your home’s crawl space, call AccuLevel. We can help remove the water, repair the damage, and install basement waterproofing to ensure the space stays dry for the long haul.

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